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03 Aug 2015

New standards unveiled for senior social workers

Chief Social Worker for Children and Families, Isabelle Trowler, has revealed plans for a set of new standards for senior social work supervisors and leaders.

In what the Department for Education (DfE) describes as ‘a radical shift towards a practice-focussed system’, it is being proposed that knowledge and skills statements will be set out in one place. These will detail what supervisors and practice leaders need to know to deliver top quality, frontline social work.

A rigorous assessment process is proposed, which will combine theory exams, extensive practice observation and direct feedback from children and families.

Consultation on the proposals ended on 1 September, and within the next few months the DfE is expected to reveal whether the standards will be compulsory, exactly which professionals they will apply to, and when the roll-out process will begin.

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