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23 Oct 2015

Highlights from this year’s NCAS

This year’s National Children and Adult Services Conference (NCAS) once again, saw an impressive range of plenary, breakout and breakfast sessions covering a broad spectrum issues. Two sessions in particular, delivered by Chief Social Worker for Adults, Lyn Romeo, focused on better safeguarding and reporting of risks and abuse for vulnerable adults and children.

Lyn Romeo led a session looking at how social work leaders and practitioners can raise standards, demonstrating how vital their role is within the health and care system. For those working in adult services, the Department of Health (DoH) also held a ‘meet and greet’ session with Lyn Romeo, where she invited delegates to take away social work guidance on autism, dementia and working with the Mental Capacity Act.

Alistair Burt also made his conference debut in his new role as Minister for Community and Social Care, which was well received by delegates. He spoke about mental health services, the Crisis Care Concordat and his intention to champion social care. Following his speech, he answered questions on the benefits of social care funding and the importance of giving it equal status to other parts of health services.

He also highlighted the department’s commitment to improving mental health services and that he will be working directly alongside Lyn Romeo and Isabelle Trowler to in his words “raise the quality and prestige of social work across the lifespan”.

As always, NCAS attracted a range of speakers from other organisations, taking a closer look at the research into dementia care, mental health issues faced by children and young people, the future of Ofsted inspections, and the future implications of the Care Act.

Plans are now already underway for next year as NCAS returns to Manchester Central, later than usual on 2-4 November 2016.

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