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15 Mar 2016

Celebrating World Social Work Day

It may seem like an average Tuesday, but today marks World Social Work Day (WSWD), and we’ll be celebrating the remarkable work of social workers and the many people whose lives they’ve transformed.

Today, you’ll notice our twitter feed referencing #WSWD16 as a nod to the annual event that provides social workers across the world the opportunity to “express international solidarity and bring common messages” to governments, regional bodies and communities.

We feel passionately about giving a voice to the profession, as our Managing Director James Rook says “It’s important that we celebrate – and highlight – the work of social workers, not just on World Social Work Day but throughout the year by recognising their work, dedication and commitment.”

So what’s going on across the UK today?

Associations, universities and local authorities will be celebrating WSWD.

In England, Somerset County Council will celebrate with a ‘twitter-feed full of thanks’ with its twitter account (@somersetcouncil) taken over for the day to celebrate social workers who work with vulnerable adults and children across the county. Canterbury Christ Church University will reflect on the work of a social worker who saved 2,500 Jewish children during WWII. Likewise, Nottingham Trent University will be marking the day by drumming along to rhythms from around the world linked to WSWD.

The celebrations also coincide with the Department of Health’s National Mental Capacity Action Day, which aims to profile current best practice in Mental Capacity from around England and Wales.

In Wales, the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) Cymru and Cardiff University are holding a conference exploring the theme ‘societies thrive when the dignity and rights of all people are respected’. Meanwhile in Scotland, the School of Applied Social Studies at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen has four guest speakers exploring current issues and will raise funds for Aberdeen’s Syrian Refugees. And in Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Association of Social Workers (NIASW) WSWD celebrations will see Karyn Kennedy, President and CEO of Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre in Toronto, describe the multidisciplinary she uses to respond to reports of child abuse and sexual assault.

Happy World Social Work Day everyone!

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