Pembrokeshire County Council

The results

Our key objective was to support the Council in achieving better outcomes for the cases allocated to us by undertaking thorough needs led assessments, analysing risks and strengths and identifying appropriate intervention in line with eligible social care needs.

Our team swiftly completed 140 assessments and reviews, taking an average of 13 days from allocation to assessment completion and 32 business days from allocation to closure. All of the cases we completed were fully authorised with finalised support plans, which were uploaded on CareFirst with a subsequent review date set.

Project Highlights

  • Pembrokeshire County Council
  • March to August 2016
  • 140 cases completed by Skylakes in just over 5 months
  • 32 business days on average between Skylakes appointment and closure
  • 13 business days on average from Skylakes appointment to assessment completion

The challenge

Pembrokeshire County Council was looking for a trusted partner to carry out thorough and fully documented assessments of individuals on its Learning Disability (LD) Register. The Council had identified that these service users were unlikely to have comprehensive records on file and may no longer have been eligible for some or all of the care and support they were receiving.

With speed of delivery as important as expertise, the Council’s adult social care team knew that this project required an external supplier with exceptional experience and flexible, scalable resources. As a market leader specialising in tactical social care support, we were well placed to take on the challenge.

Our approach

We quickly mobilised a fully-managed team of experienced social workers which could be reinforced as necessary. Our project support officers had remote access to the Council’s IT systems and received pre-project training in access and use. We also established clear, direct lines of communication between our team and the Council’s adult social care team.

We pride ourselves on providing quality-assured professional services. Therefore, robust quality control was built into the project plan from day one. Regular updates ensured that progress was monitored against agreed key performance indicators. Performance reviews were scheduled to take place after completion of 20 and 50 cases. And protocols were put in place for every assessment and support plan to undergo two levels of quality assurance.

At Skylakes we’re committed to helping clients not only meet short-term challenges, but also to achieve positive service transformation. Our highly efficient, streamlined working practices can provide a useful model for evolving service delivery. Pembrokeshire Council was keen for us to share knowledge and experience from this project so that they could consider using similar methodology in the future.

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