Kirklees Council

The results

Over the full project timeframe, the Skylakes team progressed cases involving 273 children and 173 families. The Skylakes team carried out 122 Child and family Assessments within statutory timeframes, 84% of which were completed on time. In total, 146 cases were closed and 59 cases were stepped down. All other cases were progressed to CIN, Initial Child Protection Conference (ICPC), CP plans or LAC, apart from four cases which were referred to another local authority.

Of the 85 CIN cases managed by the Skylakes team, 3 were closed, 31 were stepped down and 16 were progressed to CIN.

Project Highlights

  • Kirklees Council
  • November 2016 to May 2017
  • Skylakes social workers managed cases involving 273 children and 173 families
  • 146 cases were closed and 59 cases were stepped down
  • The Skylakes team carried out 122 Child and family Assessments within statutory timeframes

The challenge

Kirklees Council Children’s Social Care had an urgent need to commission support for a range of critical service areas, ensuring compliance with their statutory obligations. These comprised MASH referrals directly, Children in Need (CIN), children subject to Child Protection (CP) plans, Public Law Outline, Legal Proceedings and Looked After Children (LAC).

It was vital for the Council to have fast access to a team of experienced, multi-skilled children’s senior social workers. They would need to have vast expertise to provide efficient case management and deliver robust interventions.

Our approach

The uniquely versatile Skylakes business model was the perfect fit for the Kirklees Council brief. Our highly flexible yet holistic approach enables us to quickly put in place a fully-managed, end-to-end service which guarantees continuity, quality control and full accountability for delivery and compliance.

Appreciating that time was of the essence in this project, we responded rapidly with a detailed proposal to mobilise within 2 weeks. This involved deploying a team of seven senior social work practitioners with a minimum of four years’ experience, overseen by a highly experienced Project Manager and supported by admin staff. Skylakes had internal SMT and Quality Assurance wrapped around the project.

We agreed clear key performance indicators (KPIs) and put in place robust procedures for reporting and analysis, including weekly data reports and conference calls to resolve quickly any potential issues or risks.

As on every project, our main objective was to work closely with Kirklees Council to ensure a legacy which would promote positive service transformation and improved practice. Following a mid-project review in February 2017, the project parameters were adjusted to more closely match capacity with demand.