Hull City Council

The results

The project timescale was seven weeks. Each piece of work comprised of a full day observation to account for complexities and to ensure a full understanding of time related needs. All allocated reviews were carried out by the agreed project completion date.

The average time from appointment to upload of the report on the CareFirst system was 14 working days. The average time from appointment to closure was 19 days.

Of the 44 cases reviewed, increased intervention was recommended in nine cases. In seven cases, no change was deemed to be required. In 12 cases, a decrease in services provided was advocated.

Project Highlights

  • Hull City Council
  • August to October 2017
  • Skylakes social workers carried out thorough reviews of 44 service users with complex care needs
  • Average time from appointment to report upload: 14 days.
  • Average time from appointment to closure: 19 days.

The challenge

Hull City Council is committed to delivering ‘a life not a service’ for the population of Hull, currently around 258,000 people. Service transformation in adult social care services is at the heart of this vision. The Council’s strategy is to move away from traditional dependency creating services towards modern, innovative and integrated care models that promote independence, choice and control, while also ensuring value for money.

The Council partnered with Skylakes in order to provide a fully managed solution to carry out independent reviews of the current care packages for a set number of adults with complex needs, upholding the principles of strength-based assessments. The service users were all residing in residential homes or supported living accommodation, from one care provider, spanning 19 different establishments.

Our approach

Despite being a sensitive and very specific short-term project, we were able to provide a cost-effective solution because of our uniquely flexible business model. This enabled us to respond to the Council’s needs appropriately and promptly, delivering a robust, evidenced based overview through adult social care expertise with a high degree of supervision and quality assurance.

We mobilised a remotely-based team of fully-qualified, experienced adult social care practitioners, overseen by a project manager and supported by Skylakes internal structure of administrators within 2 weeks.

Our project plan was designed to deliver in-depth and independent support plan reviews. In each review our team identifed if the current care package was protionate, encouraged independence, was needs-led and individualised. Requirements for a mental capacity assessment and any potential Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) were assessed on every case.

Each assessment was concluded with a clear overview and independent analysis, including recommendations for change based on rational and evidence-based findings.